Bridge Heights


Clifton Suspension 7.3m (24′) 30.5m (100′) Arched
Trent Bridge 6.4m (21′) 30.5 (100′) Arched
Lady Bay 7.3m 26.2m (86′)
Radcliffe Viaduct 9.1 (30′) 25.9m (85′)
Gunthorpe 5.6m (18’6″) 27.4m (90′) Arched
Farndon Marina 6.1m (20′) 14.5m (47’6″) Arched
Farndon Flyover 6.8m (22’7″) Full Nav Width
Mill bridge 4.0m (13’2″) 7.3m (24′)
Newark Town Bridge 3.7m (12’3″) 6.3m (20’7″) Arched
Elbow Bridge 4.5m (15′) 25.0m (82′) Arched
Bypass Flyover Nether 10.2m (33’4″) 2 Full Nav Width
Nether Railway Top Side 4.8m (16′) 6.8m (22’6″)
Nether Railway Low Side 7.0m (23′) 33.5m (110′)
Windthorpe A1 Road Bridge 7.9 (26′) 73.0m (240′) Arched
Tidal Water Below Cromwell Lock
Marnham Pipe bridge 9.6m (31’6″) 30.5m (100′) Arched
Fledborough Viaduct 9.1m (30′) 33.5m (110′)
Dunham Pipe 9.3m (30’6″) 33.5m (110′)
Dunham Toll 7.0m (23′) 29.8m (98′)
Torksey Railway 5.4m (18′) 30.5m (100′)
Gainsborough Railway 5.6m (18’6″) 33.5m (110′)
Gainsborough Road 5.2m (17’3″) 18.2 (60′) Arched

The above information has been extracted from a survey completed some time ago but there should be very little change to the dimensions.

The measurements are taken at N.S.W.L (Normal Summer Water Level. Newark Marina cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of the above information which has been prepared and provided by British Waterways Board and is for Guidance Only.



It should be noted that all bridge heights are affected by fluctuating water levels, which include floodwater, tides on the lower Trent and therefore caution should be taken when passing under all bridges. The width dimension is taken at water level and the shape of a bridge should be checked to ensure it is compatible with the design of the craft passing under the bridge.

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