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Broom is the longest established boat builder in the UK and has been building and supplying boats since 1898.  Founded by Charles Broom who began building individual sailing vessels for the local gentry to sail on the Norfolk Broads, the company has become an award winning builder of luxury motor cruisers.  Acknowledged leaders in the aft cabin design Broom continue to be committed to creating new and exciting boats for inland and offshore use.

Newark Marina has a long standing relationship with Broom Boats and became a main agent in 1991.  One of the attractions of buying a new boat is stepping into a gleaming, pristine interior and as agents we can offer a unique opportunity for you to choose the exact design, engine and finish on the boat.  From the beginning of the process we can offer expert advice, based on personal experience with Broom Boats over the past 30 years, and guide you through the process.  Visits to the Broom factory are arranged to show you the design stages and development of your boat through to the end product.  Each boat is custom built and therefore there is no over supply within the market which ensures that the boats will retain an excellent value.


Broom Nominated For Motorboat Award

Broom Boats are delighted to have been once again nominated for one of the industry’s most sought after awards, the MBM/MBY Motorboat of the Year award. The 35 Coupe has been nominated in the Wheelhouse and Walkaround category, recognising the innovative design and exceptional quality of this new Broom model.

The finalists have been invited to attend a prestigious awards ceremony at The Savoy Hotel during the London Boat Show in January when the winners will be announced.

This is the second year running that Broom Boats have been recognised in this way, with the new Broom 370 being nominated in the 2012 awards.


Broom 430 - On Show

Broom 430

Length Overall:  43ft 3″ (13.2m)

Beam:  13ft 11″ (4.24m)

Draught:  3ft 6″ (1.06m)

Height above waterline:  10ft 10″ (3.3m)

Dry Weight (approx):  10 metric tonnes


Broom 395

Length Overall:  39ft 6″ (12.04m)

Beam:  13ft 0″ (3.96m)

Draught:  3ft 6″ (1.06m)

Height above waterline:  10ft 8″ (3.26m)

Weight (approx):  10.2 metric tonnes


Broom 370

Length Overall:  37ft 7″ (11.46m)

Beam:  12ft 4″ (3.78m)

Draught:  3ft 4″ (1.02m)

Height above waterline:  10ft 8″ (3.25m)

Weight (approx):  8 metric tonnes

Broom 35 Coupe - New Broom on the river (6)

Broom 35 Coupe


Length Overall:  35ft 1″ (10.70m)

Beam:  12ft 4″ (3.76m)

Draught:  3ft 1″ (0.94m)

Height above waterline:  8ft 8″ (2.64m)

Weight (approx):  8 metric tonnes

Broom 30 Coupe - On the river

Broom 30 Coupe


Length Overall:  30ft 0″ (9.14m)

Beam:  10ft 5″ (3.17m)

Draught:  2ft 6″ (0.76m)

Height above Waterline:  8ft 3″ (2.52m)

Dry Weight:  4 metric tonnes


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